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This is not a comprehensive list of the facilities connected to CPSC.

The Pometum


The pomentum is an orchard used for research and teaching purposes and a part of the Nordic Gene Bank.


Billede af bioimaging

The Center for Advanced Bioimaging (CAB) Denmark offers an instrument park unique in Denmark.

The University Gardens

The Horticultural Garden

The University Gardens include all green spaces at the Frederiksberg Campus.

The Experimental Farms

The experimental farms

The fields and facilities can be used by UCPH as well as by private or public research institutions.

Plant Phenolab

Plant Phenolab

Plant PhenoLab is a prototype of a fully automated, high-throughput phenotyping platform.

Plant Growth Taastrup

Plant Growth Taastrup

The Plant Growth Facilities in Taastrup consist of 26 greenhouse units and 15 growth chambers.

Plant Growth Frederiksberg

Plant Growth Frederiksberg

The Plant Growth Facilities at Frederiksberg has climate chambers, greenhouses and outdoor areas.