About CPSC

Plant reserach


The vision of Copenhagen Plant Science Centre (CPSC) is to employ plants to build a sustainable society. This entails beneficial food, new and improved feed as well as innovative materials. By building bridges across scientific communities and promoting pioneering ideas and knowledge, CPSC will lead the way for the future of plant science.


The foundation of CPSC began in 2011-2012 with an investment from the executive board of University of Copenhagen (UCPH). This investment lead to the construction of the CPSC building and attraction of established and promising researchers. The building has offices, laboratories, teaching facilities, research facilities and state-of-the-art plant-growth facilities.

CPSC has been through several transitional phases, in which it has become a multidisciplinary venture that includes plant scientists from several departments within the Faculty of Science, UCPH. The departments currently involved in CPSC are: Department of Plant and Environmental Science (PLEN), Department of Food Science (FOOD), Department of Biology (BIO), Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management (IGN) and GLOBE Institute.

CPSC is not merely a physical research centre with a building, research facilities and scientific staff, Its aim is to work as a platform for plant scientists in Copenhagen and beyond.