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Research at CPSC

Copenhagen Plant Science Centre focuses on increasing plant productivity and resistance to stress and environmental changes. Research is centred on two overlapping areas: Molecular adaptation and Next-Generation Biological Production Organisms.

Molecular Adaptation

CPSC focuses on elucidating the adaptation of plants to environmental changes and challenging growth conditions on a molecular level. An objective is to understand how plants manage stress tolerance and efficiently use light, nutrients and water. Our focus is on:

  • Plant development: comprehending how the development of cells and tissues, the flowering time and growth rate of plants react to changes in the environment.
  • Plant plasticity: clarifying the role of genomic elements, regulatory mechanisms and metabolism in plant and photosynthetic acclimation to environmental changes.
  • Regulation of transcript in plants: epigenetic effects on molecular acclimation, including the role of non-coding RNA biology.

Next-Generation Biological Production Organisms

CPSC aims at providing the knowledge and technologies for improving plants, microalgae and cyanobacteria for sustainable production of food, energy, materials and medicine. We are optimizing the genetic potential for these organisms by using synthetic biology, new methods for genome editing and metabolic engineering. We are thus paving the way for photosynthetic organisms with new combinations of specific desirable traits. We work with:

  • Synthetic biology and light-driven biosynthesis: re-programming and optimizing photosynthetic organisms as bio-factories for desired industry products e.g. pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, fibres or fuels. 
  • Genome editing: using techniques such as CRISPR/Cas9 for editing genes in a precise and predictable way.
  • Metabolic engineering: identifying, characterizing and engineering biosynthetic pathways for the tailoring of bioactive natural products in photosynthetic organisms. 

Facilities at CPSC

Facilities at CPSC include metablolomics, growth facilities and access to the Center for Advanced Bioimaging (Cab). Read more.