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01 November 2013

The head of Copenhagen Plant Science Centre has been appointed

Professor Dario Leister has accepted the position as head of Copenhagen Plant Science Centre. Dario Leister is an outstanding plant scientist and a visionary leader. He has an extensive international network which will benefit University of Copenhagen.

Dario Leister comes from a position as professor at the prestigious Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. The employment of Dario Leister is an important part of the strategic initiative from University of Copenhagen with the aim of developing and fulfilling the ambitious visions for Copenhagen Plant Science Centre (CPSC).

The research of Dario Leister has focused on the regulation of photosynthesis and the integration of photosynthetic processes in the eukaryotic cell, focusing on intracellular signal transduction, posttranslational protein modification, genetic engineering and synthetic biology. Other research topics include organelle inheritance, photomorphogenesis, thylakoid biogenesis, as well as genome evolution. Dario Leister has more than 120 scientific publications including several in high ranking journals like Nature, Cell, PNAS, Plant Journal, Plant Cell and Plant Physiology.

Dario Leister starts as Head of CPSC on 1. November 2013 and will spend 20% of his time at CPSC. Poul Erik Jensen has been appointed as vice-head of CPSC. He is looking forward to the collaboration with Dario Leister.

- I know Dario as a dedicated and enthusiastic researcher from a number of collaborative projects within the last ten years. He is an outstanding research leader with many international contacts and he is certainly a person who can make things happen. I very much look forward to establishing Copenhagen Plant Science Center in collaboration with Dario.

Among the first tasks for the new head of CPSC is recruiting both high-profile plant scientists to establish his research groups in Copenhagen and 3-4 talented young scientists for the CPSC Young Investigator Program.