BSc and MSc Opportunities

CPSC regularly seeks motivated BSc and MSc students to work on their theses or other projects in a professional research environment in collaboration with some of the centre's top researchers.

Current opportunities in the Marquardt Lab:

Run, RNA Pol II, Run!!
Master's Thesis opportunity.

Testing Gene Repression by Alternative Transcription Start Site (TSS) Usage.
Master's Thesis opportunity at the Marquardt Lab, CPSC and the Brodersen Lab at Dept. of Biology.

Designing Transcriptional Roadblocks to Elucidate the Non-Coding Genome.
Master's Thesis opportunity.

Coding versus non-coding transcription - Harmony or tug-of-war?
Master's Thesis opportunity.

Back to beauty: Restoration of Cell Adhesion using Natural Compounds.
Erasmus (MSc) research project opportunity at the Marquardt Lab and Versailles Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin (IJPB).