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Seminar with Grégory Mouille

On 16 May Grégory Mouille from Cell Adhesion and Cell to Cell communication group (C2C), INRA, France will give a seminar on the topic: 

Genetic and chemical genomic dissection of the cell adhesion mechanisms in Plants

Cell to cell adhesion in plants is mediated by the cell wall and the presence of a pectin-rich middle lamella. However we know very little about what actually controls the state of cell adhesion. We carried out a genetic and chemical genomic suppressor screen of cell adhesion defective mutants. The suppressor mutation affects a putative O-fucosyltransferase and altered the pectin related signaling pathway.

We hypothesized that this O-fucosyltransferase directly affects the function of pectin sensing receptor-like kinases. Our results strongly suggest that cell adhesion is under the control of a feedback loop influenced by the state of the pectins in the cell wall. Such a mechanism could be necessary for the maintenance of the cell adhesion in order to deal with the cell wall remodeling occurring during growth and development (Verger et al, 2016).

I will present the recent work we performed to better understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the control of cell adhesion in plants. In addition, I will present our facility dedicated to the analytical chemistry of plant, the Plant Observatory Chemistry/Metabolism platform

Grégory Mouille is Senior Scientist at the Cell Adhesion and Cell to Cell communication group (C2C), INRA, Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin, UMR1318 Saclay Plant Sciences, 78026 Versailles, France. He has a doctordegree from Université des Sciences et Technologie de Lille.