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Seminar - Stalling DNA processing

This one-day seminar on “Stalling DNA Processing” provides a framework for researchers interested in the mechanism of DNA processing and DNA-targeting tools to interact. Participation will promote the exchange of ideas across organization structures and spark novel collaborations to address open questions in the emerging field of DNA processing dynamics.

The seminar will incite to widening the collaboration between different research areas of DNA metabolism that rarely interact with each other. Research areas that will benefit most directly from the seminar include: Transcription, Epigenetics, DNA Replication/Repair and Genome editing. Gathering the scientific expertise of the Copenhagen DNA processing community willl speed up the incorporation of novel technologies into the different fields mentioned above. 


Three plenary sessions, each session has one or more key-note speakers and 2 short talks selected from participant abstracts.The outstanding key-note speakers are Cecilia Cotta-Ramusino from Editas Medicine Inc., Craig Kaplan from Texas A&M University, Helle Ulrich from IMB Mainz, Jesper Svejstrup from the Crick Institute in London and Shengdar Tsai from St. Jude's. Below you'll find a short bio for each.

The session topics are:

  1. Transcription Kinetics
  2. DNA stability
  3. Genome editing
  4. Whiteboard/brainstorming session with standing dinner buffet

Draft Agenda for the day

12:30 Registration, coffee & tea 
13:00 Welcome by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and the organizers 
13:10 Keynote speaker, Jesper Svejstrup, The Francis Crick Institute, London, United Kingdom 
13:45 Short talk, Dorine du Mee 
14:00 Short talk, Pablo Alcon 
14:15 Keynote speaker, Helle Ulrich, Institute of Molecular Biology, Mainz, Germany 
14:50 Coffee + cake & whiteboard 
15:20 Keynote speaker, Craig Kaplan, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Texas, United States
15:55 Short talk, Grzegorz Brzyzek 
16:10 Short talk, Signe Jørgensen 
16:25 Keynote speaker, Shengdar Tsai, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, United States
17:00 Aperitif + snacks & whiteboard 
17:30 Short talk, Kai Neelsen 
17:45 Short talk, Vibe Hallundbæk 
18:00 Keynote speaker, Cecilia Cotta-Ramusino, Editas Medicine Inc., Cambridge, United States
18:40 Dinner 
21:30 Thank you and good night

Key-note speakers

The organizers of the seminar 

Julien Duxin
Novo Nordisk Foundation
Center for Protein Research at UCPH

Sebastian Marquardt
Copenhagen Plant Science Centre at UCPH

Stefano Stella
Novo Nordisk Foundation
Center for Protein Research at UCPH


Registration and abstract submission is open to all levels of participants: MSc students, PhD students, postdocs and PIs. Registration is completely free of charge, but mandatory. Participants will be selected according to the quality of their application and their experience with DNA processing.

Applications can be uploaded until June 8, 2017 for participants without abstracts and they will be approved along the way, so you can secure your participation and travel plans as soon as possible.

Read more and register here.

The seminar is a Copenhagen Bioscience Collaboration Event - a Novo Nordisk Foundation initiative.