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Seminar with Yong-Ling Ruan

On 12 June Professor Yong-Ling Ruan, Director of Australia-China Research Centre for Crop Improvement and formal Head of Biological Science Department at the University of Newcastle, Australia will give a seminar.

Regulation of plant development by sucrose metabolism for food and fibre production

Sucrose metabolism couples with sugar transport to control the flow of carbon as nutrients, energy source and signaling moecules from subcellular to whole plant levels. As such, sucrose metabolism plays pivotal roles in plant development such as flowering, seed set, branching or tillering and their stress responses.

Given carbohydrates including starch and cellulose account for ~ 90% of plant biomass and they all originate from sucrose, understanding the molecular control of sucrose metabolism has become a pressing task for designing innovative approaches to sustain and improve crop yield. We have identified a cohort of key genes/ proteins that control carbon import into, and utilization within, reproductive organs in cotton, tomato and Arabidopsis.

This presentation will highlight how the expression of these genes or the activities of their encoded proteins regulate cell differentiation, phloem unloading and male and female fertilities for food and fiber production.

Yong-Ling Ruan is Professor in Plant Biology and Director of Australia-China Research Centre for Crop Improvement and formal Head of Biological Science Department at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

He focuses his research on identification and manipulation of genetic bottlenecks that limit assimilate allocation to, and utilization within, harvestable organs for improving plant fertility, fitness and food and fibre production.

Time: 12 June at 15:00-16:00
Place: Thorvaldsensvej 40, lecture room A2-70.04

5 selected papers from the last 5 years 

Wang L and Ruan Y-L (2016) Critical roles of vacuolar invertase in floral organ development and male and female fertilities are revealed through characterization of GhVIN1-RNAi cotton plants. Plant Physiology 171, 405-423.

Liu Y-H, Offler, CE and Ruan Y-L (2016) Cell wall invertase promotes fruit set under heat stress by suppressing ROS-independent cell death. Plant Physiology 172, 163-180.

Palmer WM, Ru L, Jin Y, Patrick JW and Ruan Y-L (2015) Tomato ovary-to-fruit transition is characterized by a spatial shift of mRNAs for cell wall invertase and its inhibitor with the encoded proteins localized to sieve elements. Molecular Plant 8, 315-328.

Wang L, Cook A, Patrick JW, Chen X-Y and Ruan Y-L (2014) Silencing vacuolar invertase gene, GhVIN1, blocks cotton fibre initiation from ovule epidermis probably by suppressing a cohort of regulatory genes via sugar signalling. Plant Journal 78, 686-696.

Ruan Y-L (2014) Sucrose metabolism: Gateway to diverse carbon use and sugar signalling. Annual Review of Plant Biology 65, 33-67.