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CPSC Lecture with Sabrina Sabatini

On 17 February 2017 Sabrina Sabatini, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy will give a CPSC Lecture.

How to establish a developmental boundary

Understanding the molecular mechanisms through which plant meristems are maintained is a central question in developmental biology. In the root of Arabidopsis thaliana, stem cells in the apical region of the meristem self-renew and produce daughter cells that differentiate in the distal meristem transition zone.

To ensure root growth, the rate of cell differentiation must equal the rate of generation of new cells. The establishment of this balance coincides with the positioning and maintenance of the transition zone. Data will be presented on the molecular mechanism by which this important developmental boundary is maintained to ensure continued root growth.

About Sabrina Sabatini
Sabrina Sabatini received her PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology from Sapienza University of Rome in 1998. She worked as a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Genetics and Developmental Biology at University of Utrecht, Netherlands before returning to Sapienza University of Rome in 2003 to become an independent group leader in the Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology.

Since 2008 she has been Ricercatore di ruolo (equivalent to Assistant Professor) at the Dpt. of Genetics and Molecular Biology/Biology and Biotechnology at this university.