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Talk by Guillaume Tena: How to publish in Nature Plants

Would you like to get some insight into getting published in the online journal Nature Plants? On November 17, Associate Editor Guillaume Tena will visit CPSC to talk about how to get published in this journal.

At his talk, Guillaume Tena will present the journal, how and why it started, and where it is now, two years on. He will talk about what happens to a manuscript when it is received, how to increase your chances to get published, and the glamorous life of editors.

About Guillaume Tena:
A long time ago, in a faraway country, Guillaume was sitting at a bench, with a scalpel in his hand. It was during a university practical training session in biology. He was looking at a frog, and the frog was looking at him. Something happened. Right there, very suddenly, he decided once and for all that he would not study animal biology.

The frog escaped alive, and Guillaume escaped towards a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Montpellier, France, working on auxin and MAP kinases in tobacco cells. As a post-doc, he spent fourteen years in Boston, USA, in Jen Sheen’s lab at Harvard / MGH, to study the involvement of MAP kinases in plant defence signalling and abiotic stress in Arabidopsis thaliana.

He then realized that he just spent almost half of his life working on MAP kinases, and he decided he would never write this word again in his biography. Back in France for a year, he enrolled in a Master in Scientific Communications at the University of Strasbourg, and officialised his escape from the bench by joining the editorial team at Nature Plants in London, UK.

About Nature Plants:
Nature Plants is an exclusively online journal interested in high quality research concerning plants. Its broad scope, which comprises key areas such as plant evolution, development, metabolism and their interactions with the environment, ensures that work published reaches the widest possible audience.

Like other Nature titles, Nature Plants is editorially independent. All Nature Plants editorial decisions are taken by a team of full-time professional editors.

About the Editors of Nature Plants

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