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CPSC Lecture by Xinnian Dong

"Live and Let Die: A Defense Strategy in Plants"

Xinnian Dong from Department of Biology, Duke University, Durham, USA will give a CPSC Lecture on 17 March at 15.00-16.00.

Effector-triggered immunity (ETI), a major defense mechanism in plants, is often associated with programmed cell death (PCD). However, plants lack close homologs of caspases, the key mediators of PCD in animals. In her talk, Xinnian Dong will present recent work showing that the Arabidopsis nuclear envelope protein, CPR5, negatively regulates ETI and PCD through a physical interaction with cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors (CKIs).

Upon ETI induction, CKIs are released from CPR5 to cause overactivation of another core cell-cycle regulator, E2F. In cki and e2f mutants, ETI responses induced by both TIR-NB-LRR and CC-NB-LRR classes of immune receptors are compromised. It will be shown that E2F is deregulated during ETI, probably through CKI-mediated hyperphosphorylation of retinoblastoma-related 1 (RBR1).

Xinnian Dong will demonstrate that canonical cell cycle regulators play important noncanonical roles in plant immunity. She will also present data demonstrating how the immune signal salicylic acid generated during ETI and the circadian clock restrict the spread of PCD and balance defense and growth.

Xinnian Dong
Professor Xinnian Dong has a PhD in Molecular Biology from Northwestern University, Chicago, USA. She was a postdoctoral fellow at Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School and Department of Molecular Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston before she became an Assistant Professor at Duke University in the Department of Botany. From 2004 she has been a Professor at Department of Biology at Duke University.

Since 2000 Xinnian Don has been Associate Editor for Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions and she currently sit on the Advisory Board for Plant Journal and the Editorial Board for Plant Cell.

Time: 17 March 2016, 15.00-16.00

Place: Thorvaldsensvej 40, 1871 Frederiksberg C. Room: A2-70.03.