Seminar with researchers from Tübingen University – University of Copenhagen

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Seminar with researchers from Tübingen University

On 9 June 2015 a delegation from University of Tübingen visits UCPH and in that connection CPSC is orgnizing a seminar with researchers from the delegation and researchers from Copenhagen Plant Science Centre.


14.00-14.10: Prof. Poul Erik Jensen: Welcome and short introduction to CPSC

14.10-14.40: Dr. Jasmin Doll: Short Introduction to ZMBP / Connecting links between early and late leaf development

14.40-15.00: Associate Prof. Stephan Wenkel: Plant development and microProteins

15.00-15.20: Prof. Klaus Harter: Response modules at the plasma membrane regulating plant cell elongation growth

15.20-15.40: Assistant Prof. Sebastian Marquardt: Rules and Roles of long Non-Coding Transcription

15.40-16.00: Coffee Break

16.00-16.20: Dr. Gabriel Schaaf: Inositol pyrophosphates: a new class of plant signaling molecules that regulate jasmonate-dependent defenses

16.20-16.40: Associate Prof. Mathias Pribil: Regulation of thylakoid membrane dynamics and its impact on photosynthetic performance

16.40-17.00: Dr. Christopher Grefen: SNAREs at the Crossroads of Membrane Traffic and Ion Transport

17.00-17.20: Assistant Prof. Fernando Geu Flores: TBN