Proteomics Seminar: Welcome to the AmaZon – University of Copenhagen

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Proteomics Seminar: Welcome to the AmaZon

Proteomics, the large-scale study of proteins, particularly their structures and functions, has changed our understanding of biological processes in the last years crucially. It comprises different methods, which aim to characterize the whole proteome (total protein content) of an organism and its function. Mass spectrometry became the method of choice in proteomics. Developments in this technology have contributed to the identification of comprehensive proteomes of different organisms in a relative short time, protein localizations, protein-protein and protein small molecule interaction mapping, the identification of extensive signalling networks and their different posttranslational modifications. We are now reaching cell specific proteomes in multicellular organisms.

The CPSC has recently bought a new small benchtop mass spectrometer:  the AmaZon from Bruker. This seminar has been arranged by Annemarie Matthes to give you new ideas for future experiments and applications for your own research. Annemarie will be responsible for operating the AmaZon in the future. The seminar will give an overview over mass spectrometry and principles of proteomics with a focus on what can be done with the newly bought instrument. The seminar will be divided into two parts: part A) general principles in mass spectrometry and peptide identification, and part B) applications of proteomics (shot gun proteomics, targeted proteomics, chemical proteomics, quantitative proteomics etc.).

A little refreshment will be offered in between.

For questions concerning the AmaZon please contact Annemarie Matthes  annemarie.