Cell and Molecular Biology Seminar with Brande Wulff – University of Copenhagen

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Cell and Molecular Biology Seminar with Brande Wulff

"Engineering stem rust resistance with cloned resistance genes" is the title of the Cell and Molecular Biology Seminar on 7 December with Brande Wulff, Project Leader at John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park.

Abstract: Rust resistance genes in cereal crops are often overcome within a few seasons when deployed one at a time. Introgressing multiple resistance genes into a cultivar is one strategy that may contribute to more durable resistance; however, when this process is done by traditional breeding methods it involves long breeding trajectories and can result in linkage drag due to deleterious alleles.

We are pursuing a transgenic approach to control wheat stem rust. Our strategy is to isolate multiple novel stem rust resistance (Sr) genes and deploy them in combination at a single transgene locus in wheat. This strategy should avoid linkage drag and ensures that the genes stay together, thus avoiding single genes again being exposed to the pathogen.

I will report on our progress to combine targeted sequence capture, high throughput sequencing and comparative genomics on genetically structured populations to speed up the cloning of Sr genes from diploid relatives of wheat and from wheat alien introgression lines.

Read more about Brande Wulff's work at the John Innes Centre.

Time: 7 December at 15.00.

Place: Biocenter, Room 1-2-03, Ole Maaløes Vej 5, 2200 Copenhagen N.

Host: Peter Brodersen, Section for Computational and RNA Biology, Department of Biology.