Mini-symposium on microProtein – University of Copenhagen

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Mini-symposium on microProtein

10.00: Welcome by Poul Erik Jensen
10.10: Stephan Wenkel: MicroProteins and plant development
10.35: Daniel Straub: Bioinformatic identification of microProtein
11.00: Seong Wook: The duplicity of COP1: a protector by day and a killer by
11.30: Yumiko Sakuragi: TBA
12.00: Lunch
13.00: Moritz Graeff: Repression of flowering through microProteins
13.25: Frederik Rook: Hydroxynitrile glucosides in Lotus japonicus, an evolving
plant chemical defence system
13.50: Tenai Eguen: “MicroProtein-mediated modulation of flowering time in
rice and proteomics approaches to identify microProteins”
14.15: Break
14.30: Meike Burow: Regulatory networks controlling glucosinolate
biosynthesis and timing of flowering in Arabidopsis
14.55: Ulla Dolde: Using genome-engineering to interfere with microProteinsignaling
15.10: Vandasue Rodrigues: Designer-miPs as a tool to modulate plant growth
15.25: Torsten Schultz-Larsen: Is the AMSH3 deubiquitinase required for
pathogen defence because it regulates PM protein degradation?