PhD Summer Course – University of Copenhagen

PhD Summer Course

The CPSC Summer School will cover basic biology and engineering of photosynthetic organisms, covering chloroplasts and nuclear genomes and photosynthetic diversity as well as issues that photosynthetic bio-manufacturing will need to address in the future. It will also cover the current status of synthetic biology in cyanobacteria, algae and plants to date and future prospects. Real examples from commercialization of algae bio-products wil be given.


Prof. Stephen Mayfield, San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology

Prof. Andreas Weber, Cluster of Excellence on Plant Sciences, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

Associate prof. Sune Holm, Dept. of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen

Postdoc Ana Nordberg, Centre for Information and Innovation Law, University of Copenhagen

Associate prof. Yumiko Sakuragi

Prof. Dario Leister, Copenhagen Plant Science Centre, University of Copenhagen

Prof. Poul Erik Jensen, bioSYNergy, University of Copenhagen 

Scientific content 
1. Choice of organisms (chassis): cyanobacteria, algae, higher plants, chloroplasts, non-oxygenic photosynthetic bacteria. 
2. The parts: Promoters for regulated expression, transcript and protein stabilization and modifications, vectors, neutral integration, DNA synthesis. 
3. Cloning and high-through put methodologies: cloning methods, gene stacking, gene replacements 
4. Photobioreactors: types (closed, open ponds, etc), design of growth regimes (continous versus batch), harvesting methods and product recovery. 
5. Downstream processing: product extraction, stabilization and quality control. 
6. Ethics in synthetic biology. 
7. Safety and regulations. 
8. Intellectual property rights (IPR).

Course fee: 1500 DKK

More info: For more information please download Synbio flyer and see the course homepage.