New CPSC building  

In May 2017 the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences took over the new Copenhagen Plant Science Centre building on Bülowsvej 21 A. The official inauguration took place on 12 October. The building is directly connected to the existing building "højhuset" at Frederiksberg Campus, and it contains 6825 m2 space equipped for research and teaching.

The building has been designed by the Danish Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects. The design is inspired by the organic shapes of plant cells with a direct reference to the research areas of the centre. The transparent façade, skylight and the open atrium in the middle of the building draws daylight into all floors of the building. The openness of the building invites to informal meetings between scientists, teachers, students and other users.

The skylight in the CPSC building.

The floor
The floor of the Copenhagen Plant Science Centre building was created by the artist Milena Bonifacin. The stripes on the floor form a landscape - an organic, continuous ornament under the feet of the walking person. The labyrinth pattern provides associations to many of nature’s structures and shapes: the root of a plant, furrows on the sandy bottom of the sea, the convolutions of the brain. 

The floor was constructed in close cooperation with terrazzo master Stefano Odorico.  It was laid in the special “Paladiana” technique, where the unique stones of the pattern are glued onto a concrete deck. Then the terrazzo mass is poured over and it is ground down until the pattern becomes visible.

The floor in the new CPSC building has been designed by the artist Milena Bonifacini.

Technology platforms for metabolomics and proteomics will be situated in the new building along with facilities for growing plants and laboratories for sterile growth of microalgae, moss and higher plants. There will additionally be facilities for working with novel technologies with potential in plant breeding. Finally, the building contains teaching laboratories for among other things courses related to biochemistry and applied chemistry.