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22 May 2017

Stephen Long guest lecturer at CPSC PhD summer course 2017

CPSC is very happy to announce that Professor Stephen Long from Department of Crop Sciences and Plant Biology, Illinois University, US will be guest lecturing at this year’s summer course in August.

Professor Stephen Long from Illinois University.

Photosynthesis, physiology and climate change

Professor Long’s recent work has focused on the bioengineering of photosynthesis and its adaptation to global change to increase the yield of bioenergy and food crops.

His achievements include discovering the most productive land plant known, a grass from the Amazon, and the development of the first dynamic model of the complete photosynthetic process, which is now being used as a design tool for engineering improved photosynthesis.

Current research interests:

  • To understand mechanisms of plant responses to both rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and tropospheric ozone, with particular reference to photosynthesis and relating changes at the molecular and biochemical level to observations of whole systems in the field.
  • Establish the potential of mitigation of atmospheric change through the development of herbaceous energy crops.
  • Advance the development of accessible mechanistic mathematical models relating environmental effects on photosynthesis to plant productivity (see WIMOVAC).
  • To understand the limitations to C4 photosynthesis and the adaptation of the process to cooler climates.

Stephen Long is Founding and Chief Editor of Global Change Biology.

Founder of journal and initiator of open-air laboratory

At Illinois University, he has initiated the development of the largest open-air laboratory for investigating the impacts of global change on major food crops (SoyFACE) as well as the 320-acre EBI Energy Farm, the world’s largest outdoor research center devoted to bioenergy crops.

Stephen Long has published over 250 peer-reviewed journal articles, including original research published in Nature and Science. He is founder and Chief Editor of the journal Global Change Biology.

Recent publications

Expression of cyanobacterial FBP/SBPase in soybean prevents yield depression under future climate conditions (2017). Iris H Köhler, Ursula M Ruiz-Vera, Andy VanLoocke, Michell L Thomey, Tom Clemente, Stephen P Long, Donald R Ort, Carl J Bernacchi. Journal of experimental botany 68 (3), 715-726. 

Decreasing, not increasing, leaf area will raise crop yields under global atmospheric change (2017). V Srinivasan, P Kumar, SP Long. Global change biology 23 (4), 1626-1635. 

Crops in silico: Generating virtual crops using an integrative and multi-scale modeling platform (2017). A Marshall-Colon, SP Long, DK Allen, G Allen, DA Beard, B Benes... Frontiers in Plant Science 8, 786.

Development of a Three-Dimensional Ray-Tracing Model of Sugarcane Canopy Photosynthesis and Its Application in Assessing Impacts of Varied Row Spacing (2017). Y Wang, Q Song, D Jaiswal, AP de Souza, SP Long, XG ZhuBio. Energy Research, 1-9.

Loss of photosynthetic efficiency in the shade. An Achilles heel for the dense modern stands of our most productive C4 crops? (2017). CP Pignon, D Jaiswal, JM McGrath, SP Long. Journal of experimental botany 68 (2), 335-345. 

Guest lecturing at CPSC PhD course

Professor Stephen Long will visit Copenhagen in connection with the Copenhagen Plant Science Centre PhD summer course 2017. The course focuses on synthetic biology. It takes place on 21-25 August this year. Read more about the content of the course here:

PhD summer course: Synthetic Biology - From pro- to eukaryotic Systems (SYNBIOSYS).