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25 January 2017

iGEM 2017 info meeting

Cross-disciplinary contest for students

An iGEM team consist of students from different disciplines from the same university combining their skills to create a unique completely new project crossing boundaries both scientifically and personally.

Teams are evaluated not only on results from the lab, but also on their ability to work together, communicate the project, fundraise, project management, creativity, presentation etc. Months of intense work will climax at the Giant Jamboree at MIT in Boston in September 2017 competing with teams from all over the world.

Like in the real world, projects succeed when skills are combined. Previous years iGEM teams members came from physics, biotech, business, entrepreneurship, communication, medicine, philosophy, graphic design etc. 
Are you studying theology, math, languages, history, law or journalism? Please join!

Apply here ...>

Make history - reach for the stars

Grow food, medicine and tools for space travel
Grow your network
Grow your competences
Grow the future!

Information meeting for the 2017 competition

Feb 7th, 2017 at 17:30 

Frederiksberg Campus, Thorvaldsensvej 40, 1st floor, room M117

Tentative program for info meeting:
1) intro: what is iGEM?
2) presentation by iGEM team 2016 CosmoCrops
3) how to apply

Feb 17th: Application deadline 
Feb 28th 17.30: First meeting for participants

Read more here: http://synbio.ku.dk/igem/