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09 February 2017

ESS and MAX IV visit gave inspiration for future research

On 8 February a group of researcher from Copenhagen University drove through the snow-covered Swedish landscape to visit the European Spallation Source (ESS) and the MaxIV X-ray laboratory in Lund. They met up with a researchers from the Swedish network PlantLink, which had organized the tour and seminar.

The visit was organized to give an overview of the scientific possibilities at the two facilities just outside of Lund, Sweden, and to give the participants some inspiration for collaborating with either facility in their research projects.

Rajmund Mokso, researcher at the MAX IV Laboratory, shows the participants one of the MAX IV beamline outlets.

Visiting the sites

The MAX IV Laboratory is a synchrotron X-ray facility. It currently has 14 beamlines planned for reseach within a wide range of scientific areas. These beamlines are planned to go into user operation between 2017 and 2018. During the visit Rajmund Mokso and Thomas Lundqvist gave us a tour of the facilities at MAX IV.

The ESS is a neutron facility where various neutron-scattering techniques and instruments will be developed. It is still under construction. We visited the building site and had a look around from the viewing deck at the site together with Sindra Petersson-Årsköld from the ESS.

Sindra Petersson-Årsköld, senior advisor at ESS explaines the current state at the ESS construction site.

Inspiration for future reseach

During the day there were talks by scientists who are currently using different x-ray techniques and neutron radiography. At MAX IV Thomas Lundqvist gave an introduction to the facility. Karina Thånell and Rajmund Mokso showed how to use respectively soft x-rays and hard x-rays for different plant samples. And Marianne Liebi talked about the use of small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS).

Thomas Lundqvist from MAX IV introduces the facilities and gives an overview of available instruments and techniques.

At ESS Sindra Petersson-Årsköld gave an introduction to ESS and then Jeffrey Warren joined us via Skype from Oak Ridge National Laboratories and gave a talk about the application of neutron radiography. Edith Hammer from Lund University closed the day with a talk about syncotron analysis in plant research.

Sindra Petersson-Årsköld gives and introduction to the ESS.

The seminar and study trip was organised in a collaboration between the Swedish research network PlantLink and Copenhagen Plant Science Centre.

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European Spallation Source (ESS)