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28 January 2016

Young Investigator grant for Elizabeth Neilson and Meike Burow

Each year VILLUM FONDEN grants a number of large amounts for young researchers at universities to accelerate their research careers. This year Elizabeth Neilson and Meike Burow from Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen were among the recipients.

Meike Burrow, Associate Professor at DynaMo Center, Section for Molecular Plant Biology has received 7 million DKK for the project:

Protein level regulation of transcription factor networks
Proteins are essential for all biological processes and their individual functions are known to be largely determined by their structure. Yet, the proteins that bind to DNA to activate or inactivate genes in higher organisms typically lack a defined structure and still have distinct molecular functions. What are the underlying mechanisms? This grant will finance two PhD students and one postdoctoral researcher and new equipment to investigate structure-function relations of disordered proteins.

Elizabeth Neilson, postdoc at VILLUM Research Center for Plant Plasticity, Section for Plant biochemistry received 5 million DKK for the project:

How does climate change impact plants and their herbivores? Eucalyptus and the Koala
Eucalyptus leaves are poorly nutritious, difficult to digest, and contain high levels of toxic metabolites. Despite these factors, the koala survives on the exclusive diet of eucalypt leaves, facilitated by a finely tuned relationship between plant, animal and microbe. The grant allows the recruitment of a postdoc and PhD student to address how of climate changes impact this unique wildlife system, and assess how drought and increased CO2 alters the chemical composition of eucalypt leaves.

Villum Foundation

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