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02 February 2016

The annual Plant Biotech Denmark meeting is launched

Plant biotechnology research will be the focus of talks and discussions for the next two days, 2-3 February, at the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen. The annual PBD meeting was launched this morning and the program is packed with talks about:

  • Plants for Food and Feed/Plant Products
  • Plant Signalling and Cellular Trafficking/Synthetic and Systems Biology
  • Plant Breeding - Quality, Productivity, Diseases and Stress/Biomass Production and Processing
  • Cross Talks in Plants
  • Technologies

There is a connected PhD course, a master class and poster sessions during the meeting. This morning the participants met up in the Marbel Hall at Frederiksberg Campus, Thorvaldsensvej 40, for breakfast and lively mingling before the first session of the day.

Read more about Plant Biotech Denmark.

Aldo Ricardo Almeida Robles from Section for Plant Biochemistry is ready for the meeting.

Teinai Eguen and Moritz Graeff from the Wenkel Lab at CPSC. Moritz Graff will give a talk about “
MicroProteins in the regulation of Flowering Time” at the PBD meeting Tuesday.

Anurag Sharma from the Pribil Lab at CPSC by his poster on “Degradation of potent Rubisco inhibitor by selective sugar phosphatase”.

Barbara Ann Halkier from the DynaMo Centre in conversation with Solveig Krogh Christiansen and Andrea Lenk from the PBD secretariat.