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15 April 2016

New Head of Copenhagen Plant Science Centre


Professor Poul Erik Jensen has been appointed new Head of Copenhagen Plant Science Centre under Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. He will focus on facilitating collaboration among plant researchers at the university.

”My vision for Copenhagen Plant Science Centre is to gather the competencies within plant science at the University of Copenhagen, so that we together can solve some of the societal challenges in regard to the environmental and food production. The centre can contribute to putting Denmark on the map when it comes to development of sustainable production of food and biomass for energy, materials and medicine,” says Poul Erik Jensen about his new role as head of Copenhagen Plant Science Centre. He continues:

”As Head of the centre I will work on strengthening the cross-disciplinary collaboration and developing the good research projects together with plant researchers from at different departments at the University of Copenhagen. And I also look very much forward to moving into the new Copenhagen Plant Science Centre building during the summer.”

Extensive network among plant researchers
Poul Erik Jensen has so far been the Vice-head of the centre, while Dario Leister has been Head. But from 31 March Dario Leister will return full time to LMU in Munich in Germany. Professor Leister will, however, continue his collaboration with several members of Copenhagen Plant Science Centre.

“Dario Leister has played an important role in the process of laying the foundation for the centre. Amon other tings by being part of employing four young investigators,” says Svend Christensen, Head of Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, and continues:

”I am very pleased that Poul Erik Jensen with his already major involvement in the centre will take over the leadership. I am certain that his extensive network among plant researchers at both the University of Copenhagen and other places will help to strengthen the cross-disciplinary collaboration within plant biology and biotechnology.”

There will be a reception for Poul Erik Jensen on 15 April at 15.00. The reception will be held at Thorvaldsensvej 40, 1871 Frederiksberg C, room H117, K117 and M117.