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22 August 2016

Highlights from PhD summer course on Synthetic Biology

Summer School

Last week 23 PhD students participated in the CPSC summer course on Synthetic Biology: from From pro- to eukaryotic Systems. A field trip to Novozymes, visit from the CosmoCrops iGEM team and talks by guest lecturers were on the program.

Synthetic Biology was in focus all of last week for the participants in the CPSC summer school 2016. 23 PhD students from Danish and international universities participated in the course. The lectures and assignments covered the topics of, among other things:

  • CRISPR, TALENSs and other genome editing strategies
  • synthetic plant disease resistance genes
  • metabolic, pigment and chloroplast engineering
  • light driven synthesis
  • bioenergy
  • microProteins
  • synthetic biology in yeast for commercial applications

The participants also presented their own projects or research area of interest. The course was organized by the 4 young investigators at CPSC; Fernando Geu-Flores, Mathias Pribil, Sebastian Marquardt and Stephan Wenkel.

Visit to Novozymes
Fungal screening and 3D modelling of proteins were on the agenda Wednesday afternoon, when the students visited Novozymes. They were given an introduction to the company’s fungal screening process and 3D protein modelling.

Visit to Novozymes.

CosmoCrops, the 2016 iGEM team from the University of Copenhagen, stopped by the course on Friday and presented their project. They are working on putting into application a newly developed co-culturing system. It combines the properties of microalgae (cyanobacterium) and a bacterium to efficiently harvest sunlight to produce essential compounds like biopharmaceutical, vitamins or plastics for 3D printing.

Presentation by the iGEM team.

Read more about the CosmoCrops team here or follow them on Facebook @CosmoCrops.