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19 January 2016

CPSC/Yale collaboration project receives grant

Joshua Gendron, left and Stephan Wenkel, right.

The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation has funded a networking project between Copenhagen Plant Science Centre (CPSC) and Yale University, USA. The grant recipients are Stephan Wenkel, Associate Professor and Investigator at CPSC and Joshua Gendron, Assistant Professor at the Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology department at Yale University.

Collaboration between Copenhagen and Yale University
Stephan Wenkel, researcher at Copenhagen Plant Science Centre, University of Copenhagen, has received 288.000 DKK from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation for initiating a collaboration with the laboratory of Joshua Gendron at Yale University. The purpose of the project with the title MicroProteinDecoys is to investigate how plant microProteins and F-Box protein decoys could be used and combined in biotechnological applications.

MicroProteins – the Wenkel lab
The laboratory of Stephan Wenkel at the Copenhagen Plant Science Centre studies the role of microProteins in plant development. MicroProteins are small single-domain proteins that can control the activity of target proteins by forming non-productive protein complexes. The laboratory employs a combination of bioinformatics, genomics and biochemistry to identify and characterize these protein species.

F-box decoy proteins – the Gendron lab
The laboratory of Joshua Gendron at Yale University studies the role of F-box decoy proteins in plant development. F-Box decoys are proteins that are related to F-Box proteins but in contrast to F-Box proteins, are not involved in marking target proteins for degradation but protect their targets from degradation. The laboratory uses proteomics and protein biochemistry to isolate and study F-Box decoy complexes.

Visit from Yale to Copenhagen University in the autumn
As part of the project, members of the laboratory of Stephan Wenkel will visit Yale University and likewise representatives from the Joshua Gendron lab at Yale University will visit Copenhagen University in the autumn of 2016. During these visits selected members of the respective labs will give public scientific presentations.

The Stephan Wenkel laboratory
The Joshua Gendron laboratory