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24 June 2015

Start up meeting for the CPSC members

On 23 June CPSC held a start-up meeting for its members to discuss the future activities of the centre. Around 30 plant researchers from 7 sections at the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences participated in the meeting to brainstorm on and discuss a number of relevant topics.

CPSC seminar series and retreat
At the meeting it was decided to organize a retreat for the members as well as a series of CPSC seminars with high quality speakers from abroad and from CPSC. The seminars will among other things be advertised here on the CPSC website.

Technology platforms
It was also agreed to start a process of getting a comprehensive overview of available equipment located in the different labs of the CPSC members. The list of equipment will be available at the CPSC webpage where people can get a quick overview of what technology is available and who to contact about possible use and collaborations. You can already now see some of the equipment available in Section for Molecular Plant Biology and Section for Plant Biochemistry under “Facilities” in the left menu.

A yearly international PhD course/summer school was suggested which would include both general plant biology as well as different specializations (biology, techniques, laboratory hands on and field experiment). One aim of the course would be to integrate lab work and field work and discuss perspectives of both.

Internal and external communication was discussed and it was underlined that internal communication and the flow of information between the CPSC members - but also to non-members and stakeholders - are very important. On another level it was discussed whether CPSC could facilitate career events or matchmaking with industry for young plant researchers. These ideas will be developed further.

If you would like to receive e-mail invitations to the CPSC events please write to Lene Rasmussen and ask to be added to the mailing list.