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01 June 2015

Renate Müller receives SCIENCE Business Prize 2015

Professor Renate Müller, of the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences has been awarded the “SCIENCE Business Prize 2015” by UCPH’s Faculty of Science. Müller has been awarded the DKK 75,000 Business Prize for her work in the plant sciences and outstanding ability to transform research into environmentally sound products and technologies for commercial plant breeding and agriculture.

Environmental consciousness among consumers is greater than ever. So when it comes to plants and flowers, spray free has become an increasingly popular choice. But is it possible to grow densely foliated, good-looking plants without plant growth substances?

Professor Renate Müller's devotes much of her research towards that end. Among other things, her research focuses on alternatives to chemical growth regulators, research that has led her to develop an environmentally sound “natural technique” for regulating plant growth.

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