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27 March 2015

New people at CPSC in April

New staff

In April 2 new colleagues will join us at CPSC.

Lawrence Gabriel Griffin-Booth
Gabriel will join Sebastian Marquardt’s lab on 1 April first as a Research Assistant and eventually he will be enrolled as a PhD student. He recently graduated from the University of Nottingham with an MSci in Biology. During his masters year he researched a novel epigenetic mRNA regulatory system in Arabidopsis thaliana, while as a bachelor he worked with budding yeast and performed comparative phenotypic analysis in budding yeast knockouts. Gabriel has had two research placements in a Social Evolution and Microbiology laboratory, and a summer job as a plant science lab technician

Piotr Gawroński
On 15 April Piotr Gawronski will join Dario Leister’s group as a visiting scientist. Piotr graduated in biotechnology from the Interdisciplinary Biotechnology Department at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. The subject of his master thesis was organization of mitochondrial genome in cucumber. He has worked at Wageningen University in project “Plant-nematode interactions” and is currently working in Professor Stanisław Mariusz Karpiński’s lab at The Laboratory of Physiomics and Crop Design at Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Poland. Here he is working in the Welcome 2008/1 programme on the role of salicylic acid in acclimation of plants to environmental cues and on function of novel genes from LSD1 regulon.

Welcome to Gabriel and Piotr!