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09 November 2015

Mathias Pribil receives grant from Novo Nordisk

Mathias Pribil, Young Investigator at Copenhagen Plant Science Centre, has received a 2.800.000 DKK grant from Novo Nordisk for a project with the title: “
Structural redesign of the thylakoid membrane for optimized, light-driven high value compound production”.

Light-driven biosynthesis of high value compounds
A production platform for improved light-driven biosynthesis of high value compounds will be developed in the project. For this purpose a novel modular protein-anchor technology will be implemented. It is based on the CURT1 protein family, which was recently discovered.

CURT1 proteins
Curvature Thylakoid1 (CURT1) is a membrane protein family that mediates thylakoid membrane bending and grana stack formation in chloroplasts. The protein-anchor technology in this project is based on CURT1 sequence properties. They will be tailored to target and anchor multiple enzyme components, which are required for high value compound production.

Anurag Sharma from Mathias Pribil's research group working in the greenhouse.

Biosustainable production
Plants harbor a plethora of high value compounds with pharmacological properties. The long term goal of this project is to improve the biosustainable production potential of photosynthetic host organisms (i.e. cyanobacteria and tobacco) with respect to light-energy derived high value compounds.

The grant from Novo Nordisk Foundation
Biotechnology-based synthesis and production research is the focus of the grant from Novo Nordisk. These types of grants are given to support fundamental and applied research projects aimed at generating products in improved and more sustainable ways. Mathias Pribil has received 2.800.000 DKK for a 3 year project from the foundation.