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12 May 2015

Global life in the greenhouses

The Copenhagen Plant Science Centre (CPSC) and the many foreign researchers provide a lot of life in the greenhouses at Rolighedsvej. Join a trip among plants, gardeners and PhD students. 

"The many new international researchers from CPSC create a lot of life here with their drive and excitement. They keep us busy as we of course give them all good service, but they also come with exciting new projects," says Theodor Bolsterli, the greenhouse supervisor at Rolighedsvej, and explains:

"We give them an introduction, when they start to experiment here. In addition, we make the trays ready for them and for example take care of the cleaning, irrigation, pest control and manage the simulation of day length depending on the agreement with them. It is exciting work, because each plant means something to them, and we do everything we can to help and for example have weekend shifts, as it is living things, so something can go wrong."

The new researchers are from all over the world – for example Spain, Germany, South Korea, China and USA. One of the new international researchers from the CPSC is Nicola Zagari from Italy. He works with photosynthesis in the model plant Arabidopsis. 

”It is very nice to do experiments here, and the gardeners do a very nice job. It is better organized than in Italy. And if I make a mess they inform me, which is good,” says Nicola Zagari.

PhD student Vandasue Rodrigues is also a part of CPSC and from India. She also works with Arabidopsis.

”The plants are excellently maintained and the collaboration with the gardeners is working very well – they always give immediate response. These are very good facilities, and we really hope the new green houses will also be ready soon, as they will be even more advanced,” she says.

Overall there is a lot of Arabidopsis in the experimental greenhouses, but it does not get boring for the gardeners.

“We produce thousands of Arabidopsis, but it actually does not become monotone work, because we just go in depth with the plants instead.  It is also a fun plant to work with as it is actually weed,” says Theodor Bolsterli.

Please read more here or contact greenhouse supervisor Theodor Bolsterli, if you would like to know more about the possibilities of doing experiments in the green houses at Rolighedsvej – phone 51 54 44 80 and e-mail