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17 July 2015

DynaMo Center receives 2 grants

Barbara Halkier partner in EU-funded project on fighting disease in oil seed rape crops

Together with partners in the UK, Holland, Germany and Poland, Head of DynaMo, Professor Barbara Ann Halkier received an EU grant to improve disease control in oilseed rape. The project is the first major European effort on genetic control of the most important diseases in this crop providing edible oil, biodiesel and protein for animal feed.

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Meike Burow receives grant to study plant epigenetics

Although it is well-known that plants may pass on defence responses triggered by the environment to their offspring, virtually nothing is known about the underlying molecular mechanisms. A new exciting project will look into these heritable traits which are not determined by changes in the DNA sequence. The Danish Council for Independent Research supports the project with 2.5 mill DKK. Associate Professor Meike Burow from DynaMo Center, PLEN, University of Copenhagen, will head the new project.

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