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19 August 2015

Article by CPSC researchers on the cover of Trends in Plant Science

An article by the Copenhagen Plant Science Centre researchers Tenai Eguen, Daniel Straub, Moritz Graeff and Stephan Wenkel has made it to the cover of the journal Trends in Plant Science volume 20, issue 8, August 2015. The group is part of the Section for Plant Biochemistry at the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences.

The article with the headline “MicroProteins: small size – big impact” describes how microProteins (miPs) are short, usually single-domain proteins that, in analogy to miRNAs, heterodimerize with their targets and exert a dominant-negative effect. Recent bioinformatic attempts to identify miPs have resulted in a list of potential miPs, many of which lack the defining characteristics of a miP.

In this opinion article, the characteristics of a miP are clearly stated as evidenced by known proteins that fit the definition; it is explained why modulatory proteins misrepresented as miPs do not qualify as true miPs. Finally the article discusses the evolutionary history of miPs, and how the miP concept can extend beyond transcription factors (TFs) to encompass different non-TF proteins that require dimerization for full function.

You can read the full article here and read more about the lab of the authors here.