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17 August 2015

3 vacant positions in the Marquardt lab

One postdoc position and two PhD fellowships are open in the Marquardt lab at Copenhagen Plant Science Centre. The positions are financially supported by a Hallas Møller Investigator Award that Sebastian Marquardt recently received from the Novo Nordic Foundation.

The Marquardt lab is interested in understanding the functional significance of abundant yet mysterious non-coding sequences present in genomes. We employ cutting edge budding yeast technology to identify the molecular mechanisms controlling transcription of non-coding sequences into non-coding RNA. We disrupt these regulatory mechanisms in complex organisms such as Arabidopsis to study the functional roles of non-coding transcription in plant environmental responses. 

The postdoc will be working to advance the understanding of molecular mechanisms controlling divergent non-coding transcription. The first PhD project will focus on identifying novel pathways controlling divergent non-coding transcription from gene promoters. And the second PhD project will work on identifying suitable candidate lncRNA in the model plant Arabidopsis.

You can read the full job postings here: Postdoc, PhD #1 and PhD #2.