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17 December 2014

CPSC paper in Development


This week a paper by YI Stephan Wenkel is one of three featured articles in Development

Development cover 15 Dec 2014The paper by Stephan Wenkel, one of Copenhagen Plant Science Centre’s Young Investigators, is featured in Development under the title “REVolutions in leaf development: from origin to senescence”.

The article describes how the groups of Stephan Wenkel and Ulrike Zentgraf has used a ChIP-Seq approach in Arabidopsis (p. 4772) to demonstrate that REVOLUTA (REV), a transcription factor well known to establish polarity in the developing plant, directly regulates the expression of WRKY53, a master regulator of age-induced leaf senescence.

Stephan Wenkel article in DevelopmentFurthermore, the authors show that mutations in REV delay the onset of leaf senescence and that REV functions as a redox sensor that modulates the expression of WRKY53 in response to oxidative stress, a known trigger of senescence. Altogether, their study uncovers a coupling between developmental programs and senescence transcriptional networks in the leaf. This opens the possibility that, conversely, senescence-related tissue degradation might also contribute to early leaf development.

The research article is titled “REVOLUTA and WRKY53 connect early and late leaf development in Arabidopsis” and the authors are Yakun Xie1, Kerstin Huhn1, Ronny Brandt1, Maren Potschin1, Stefan Bieker1, Daniel Straub1,2, Jasmin Doll1, Thomas Drechsler1, Ulrike Zentgraf1 and Stephan Wenkel1,2.