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17 November 2014

CPSC represented at PLEN visit to South Korean universities

Visit to South Korea

Recently a delegation from Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (PLEN) visited two of the most renowned universities in South Korea and participated in the 2014 International Plant Science Symposium.

Visit to South Korea

The trip was the result of initiatives taken by Associate Prof. Seong Wook Yang from Section for Plant Biochemistry, University of Copenhagen (UCPH) during the course of the past two years. The first part of the visit was spent at the Gyeonsang National University (GNU) in Jinju with a joint symposium for celebrating the GNU-UCPH Double PhD Degree Program.

Afterwards the delegation drove to Daejon to participate in the annual Korean Society of Plant Biologists Plant Science Symposium. PLEN participated in this event with five presentations, one of these by Poul Erik Jensen, Vice-Head of Copenhagen Plant Science Centre. Birger Lindberg Møller, Kirsten Jørgensen and Seong Wook Yang from Section for Plant Biochemistry and Barbara Ann Halkier from Dynamo also gave talks at the symposium. More than 400 Korean plant scientists participated in the symposium, whereof most were PhD students.

The final stop during the trip was at Yonsei University (YU) in Seoul. YU is a private university and one of the highest ranking in Korea. One of YU’s focus areas is on Health and it houses the largest private research hospital in Seoul. A PhD exchange agreement already exists between Yonsei University and PLEN.  The purpose of this particular part of the visit was to further discuss how future collaboration between the research groups at the two universities may be strengthened within the areas of plant science, systems biology, synthetic biology, biotechnology and bio-based production.

Svend Christensen, Head of PLEN, was also part of the delegation as well as Björn Robert Hamberger and Henrik Toft Simonsen from Section for Plant Biochemistry who both gave talks at the joint symposium at GNU.

Visit to South Korea