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03 December 2014

CPSC receives funding from Carlsberg Foundation


The Carlsberg Foundation has granted CPSC 1.200.000 DKK for the project “Dissecting plant cell biogenesis and metabolic dynamics”.

Carlsberg grant

The purpose of the project is to identify how plants organize and regulate essential processes on the cellular level. The grant will be spent on a multi-color flow cytometer which makes it possible to detect >15 fluorescent parameters that allows for quantitative analysis of both cells (plant protoplasts, algal and yeast cells) and chloroplasts, with a large number of parameters analyzed rapidly, simultaneously, and quantitatively.

The project emerges from groups at the Copenhagen Plant Science Centre that study the organization, function and regulation of plants at their cellular level in order to establishing a complete understanding of plant biogenesis and dynamic acclimation to environmental changes. The unifying methodological approach is based on analyzing synthesis, trafficking and activity of biomolecules within and between plant cells. These biomolecules comprise long non-coding transcripts (Sebastian Marquardt’s team), specialized metabolites and their transporters (Hussam Nour-Eldin´s team), and enzyme complexes enabling lipid and high-value bioactive plant products (Thomas Pomorski’s and Poul Erik Jensen’s teams).

The instrument will be for the benefit of several research groups within the center, and possible for groups outside the center in periods where the instrument may not be over-booked. This implementation will thus contribute to and benefit ongoing research at the center as well as the associated research groups at different departments and serve to improve training and education possibilities for MSc and PhD students.

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