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04 April 2012

Danish media report on Sorghum breakthrough

Berlingske, Danish radio news (DR) and local TV-station TV2 Lorry report on the new Sorghum breakthroughs in Birger Lindberg Møller's group.

Photo: Peter Stuart

Professor Birger Lindberg Møller and his collegues from Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology have in collaboration with Australian researchers and the company Pacific Seeds developed a new type of Sorghum, which (in contrast to normal Sorghum) does not become toxic after long exposure to drought.  "It is a serious problem for farmers in a large part of the world who grow Sorghum as feedstock. When they have the most need for Sorghum, they cannot use it" says Professor Birger Lindberg Møller.

Read the full article from Berlingske (in Danish).

See the news story at TV2 Lorry (in Danish).