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By which mode do CURT1 proteins bend thylakoid membranes? Which crucial protein domains are involved?

Thylakoids are composed of grana stacks and stroma lamellae, substructures that determine the characteristic three-dimensional ultrastructure of the membrane system. The CURT1 protein family is essential for grana formation due to its involvement in membrane bending in the grana margins.

We aim on dissecting the stoichiometric composition and molecular working mode of CURT1 protein complexes in shaping thylakoid ultrastructure. We work on identifying the mechanism and the essential domains by which CURT1 proteins form oligomeric complexes and exert their membrane bending function.

Schematic representation of a granum of the chloroplast thylakoid membrane showing the lateral heterogeneity of protein complex distribution within the membrane system (Pribil et al. 2014).