Growth facilities – University of Copenhagen

Growth facilities, Frederiksberg Campus

At Rolighedsvej the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences has growth facilities made up of 2,000 m2 covered with glass distributed between 16 areas, a plastic tunnel and outdoors protected bench areas. The growth facilities houses both research and educational activities. The research areas, which are all classified for cultivation of GMO plants, are mainly used by the faculty’s researchers and students but also by researchers from other research institutions and companies. Besides the research activities the greenhouses also contain a plant collection of around 100 different plant species and space for propagation and cultivation of plants for the University Gardens at Frederiksberg.

Contact: Operations manager, Hanne Lipczak Jakobsen

Growth facilities, Taastrup

The Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences has both growth facilitiesclimate chambers and experimental farms (links in Danish) in Taastrup. The growth chamber facilities have controlled nutrient supply and climatic conditions, including atmospheric CO2. These facilities are increasingly used by groups across faculties at the University of Copenhagen. For example, the two long-term field sites, the CRUCIAL Urban Fertilizer Trial and the Long-term Nutrient Depletion Trial, are at these experimental farms in Tåstrup. 

Contact: Operations manager, Hanne Lipczak Jakobsen.