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Summer School - Crop Innovation, from Genes to Seeds

The Nordic Plant Phenotype Network is organizing a one week official summer school course (5 ECTS) hosted at the University of Copenhagen SCIENCE campus starting on July 4th.

The course takes a comprehensive approach to plant breeding, introducing all levels and scales for particpants to gain a better understanding of genotype interactions with both environment and management.

The course will present methods to evaluate the links between genotypes and phenotypes of single plants under controlled environmental conditions, as well as newer methods that have been established to associate complex genetic properties of crop traits at the field scale and under different management practices. Additionally, the most recent plant biotechnological methods that can be used to induce desirable mutations will also be introduced.

The course participants will be required to work with big data sets collected across several different scales. The practical portion of the course will include a number of computer based exercises, as well as field trips to the University experimental farm and hands-on introduction to research equipment, including drones.

Price: The course fee is estimated at DKK 4250 (excl. room and board). The NPPN will cover the course fee for one (1) course participant from each NPPN Partner. Additional partner representatives will be billed through the university.

Read more and sign up:
Detailed course description and sign-up instructions.
Access the official registration form.
Note: The registration deadline is June 1st

NOTE: All potential participants, particularly from outside University of Copenhagen, are in addition to official sign-up procedures strongly encouraged to also notify the NPPN secretariat directly of your intent to participate in the course